CRMLS Connect App will retire on May 31st - Act Now

Posted by PSAR Communication on May 18, 2022 1:00:00 PM
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CRMLS Connect will no longer be available. CRMLS offers access to several product solutions that duplicate its primary features, which include MLS search in a universal (agent/client) interface, client collaboration features, and client activity tracking. Only 2% of CRMLS users currently use this app.crmls connect

On 5/31, CRMLS Connect will retire completely and anything users don't back up outside of the product will be gone.  CRMLS Connect does not have an export option. Anyone who wants to save anything about their CRMLS Connect accounts must retrieve their data before 5/31. So ACT NOW to move your clients to one of the other free CRMLS core products.

The products below are available at no extra cost and replicate some or all of the features on offer in CRMLS Connect, plus additional benefits but you will need to enter your current clients. 

Cloud Streams (Best Option For Most)
Is a listing alert and client collaboration tool that lets you share listings with your clients and get instant feedback. Build your relationship with your clients as they like, dislike, and share the agent-branded listing alerts you tailor to their preferences. This product can also text listings to clients and works great with data share partner listings.

Creating your first Stream
First Cloud Stream

Client Onboarding
Onboarding Cloud Streams Clients

Creating Custom Map Area
Creating custom Stream Map Area
Setting up text Alerts
Setting Up Text Alerts

More information on Cloud Streams


Cloud MLX
Search the way you think. With autocompleted results, a wide variety of parameters, and easy search saving, you can access your CRMLS data at the drop of a hat. Share listing data through the launcher, use the built-in agent chat feature, and find other agents through the search bar. Cloud MLX works the same way on any modern device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

More Cloud MLX  Videos                  More Information on Cloud MLX


MLS - Touch
MLS-Touch allows you to quickly access all your MLS listings directly on your phone or tablet. As long as you have mobile internet service, you have the power of the MLS in your hand. Search by map or by additional advanced MLS filters. Generate hot sheets, sales comparisons, or market statistics instantly, then share with your clients, find other agents, and manage your contacts

More Information on MLS-Touch


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