Posted by Sam Calvano on Sep 13, 2019 5:30:00 PM


Pacific Southwest Association of RealtorsBy Sam Calvano

I’ve worked in real estate for a long time, since 1976. I began my career as a real estate sales agent and then I switched to real estate lending in 1983. I’ve learned a lot and seen a lot of changes over the years. However, one constant, key factor in our business has been the importance of our Association. The influence and inspiration that our Association has in the local real estate market cannot be understated.

Real estate has been very good to me in my life. So, one of the reasons I serve with PSAR is because I want to give back to our industry. Giving creates community and camaraderie. I am encouraged when I see other PSAR members actively looking for ways to invest their time, treasures and talents. In a time where we are all so busy and everyone seems to be doing more with less, PSAR has some great people who are willing to contribute in various ways to improve and enhance our industry. We couldn’t possibly do all the things we do at PSAR without the spirit of giving back that so many members demonstrate. PSAR Sam Calvano

I believe in PSAR because PSAR is focused on its members. Decisions are made based on what will benefit REALTORS® and all other industry professionals.

I am honored to share with you the reasons why I’m involved as an active volunteer with PSAR. First, a higher level of involvement in PSAR has meant a number of personal benefits. I have found that my involvement in PSAR is good for my business. I take the opportunity at various meetings and events to meet fellow REALTORS® and industry professionals and we share ideas and information.

Also, involvement in PSAR is good for our industry. When REALTORS® speak individually and collectively, people listen, including government bodies and elected officials. When we listen to each other, it creates understanding and connection. One of the greatest gifts you can give people is an attentive ear. When you listen, you’re saying, “You matter, I value what you have to say, I value who you are.” 

In addition, being involved in PSAR helps our Association to become more inclusive. I love that we include everyone at PSAR. There is no need for special or separate interest groups in our organization. Everyone is invited and diversity of opinion is welcomed. Cultivating inclusion is not just the right thing to do, but also the smart thing. At PSAR, we actively work to make our culture more inclusive. As a result, our members are empowered and better positioned to achieve greater levels of loyalty, engagement and productivity through skill-set growth and career progression.

Finally, getting involved at PSAR at a greater level has given me the opportunity to encourage our younger and newer members. Encouragement is so difficult to find today. We live in a deeply negative culture, where put-downs seem to be the favorite form of humor. People are constantly demeaned and degraded. They’re criticized and maligned. However, in contrast, when somebody comes along and says, “Good job!” it can make a tremendous difference.

So, I’m urging you to join me and decide today to get more involved at PSAR. Do something more than you’re doing now. Join a committee or volunteer for an event. Look for ways to give back to the industry and the Association that we love.  Make a connection, make a commitment. If you want to get beyond shallow, superficial relationships, you’ve got to be willing to stick with it. Getting involved will give you the chance to gain new skills to further your goals and pursuits. You will get better at learning more about yourself and how to better achieve success.

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