Posted by Richard D'Ascoli on Jun 5, 2020 5:01:05 PM
Richard D'Ascoli
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The following statement from PSAR CEO Rich D’Ascoli is in response to the riots, looting and protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man while in the custody of Minneapolis police:

The shocking, senseless death of George Floyd is tragic. Our deepest sympathies are with the Floyd family and others, who through four hundred years of abuse, understand and feel this pain and grief like nobody else can.

As longtime champions of fair housing, equality and inclusion are among our most cherished values. PSAR is committed to leading the way on policies that address racial injustice and that build safe and inclusive communities. We remain committed to supporting the dignity and worth of all individuals, and to work vigorously to defend policies that bring justice, opportunity and security for all. We stand in support of racial equality and all those who search for it. We’re hoping this breakdown will ultimately turn into a breakthrough. Building the future begins with equal access to housing and opportunity for all.

Many of us are looking for ways to stand up for what we believe. We cannot remain disengaged and hope that this will go away. As a community of professionals working and living through extraordinarily challenging times, we must work together and remain committed to a better world for everyone, not just a few. Honesty, transparency, and empathy go a long way toward building trust and influencing change. Now is the time to listen, seek to understand, and speak up.

We appreciate all you do as REALTORS® to listen, learn and work with others to be part of the solution. As leaders in your communities, REALTORS® are active participants in promoting equality, inclusion and acceptance. Thank you for your support of PSAR.

If you have 15 minutes, please consider watching this video by Valerie Alexander on Unconscious Bias. I saw her speak at a CAR meeting in October with other CEOs from around California.  She helped me understand our biases, including my own, in a way that I hadn’t before.





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