PSAR Election Results & 2021 Officers & Board of Directors

Posted by Communications on Jun 29, 2020 10:32:05 AM

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors membership have elected a new slate who will join the 2021 leadership team.  The following leaders were elected as Officers and Directors to serve in 2021.

2021 Election Results
Max Zaker, President-Elect
Sam Calvano Secretary / Treasurer
Mike Anderson Director
Merrie Espina Director
Rafael Perez Director
Amy Ruiz Director
Amber Tannehill Director
Andrea Martino Affiliate Director

These elected leaders will join current board members to form the 2021 leadership team.

The 2021 Officers: 
Ditas Yamane  President
Max Zaker President-Elect
Robert Cromer Immediate Past President
Sam Calvano Treasurer

The 2021 Directors
Peter Mendiola 2020-2021
Jason Lopez 2020-2021
Yvonne Cromer 2020-2021
Mike White 2020-2021
Laurie MacDonald 2020-2021
Mike Anderson 2021-2022 
Merrie Espina 2021-2022 
Rafael Perez 2021-2022 
Amy Ruiz 2021-2022 
Amber Tannehill 2021-2022 
Andrea Martino 2021-2022 Affiliate Director

PSAR is a 501C6 Non-Profit founded in 1928. The organization is led by volunteers who establish the policies that govern our organization. Our mission is to empower REALTORS® to flourish while being accountable to each other, our clients, and our community. We are thankful to all who were nominated to lead PSAR and we are looking forward to great things from both the elected candidates and those who will continue to serve in our committee leadership.