CAR RED ALERT: Attack ON Prop 13

Posted by PSAR Government Affairs on Aug 28, 2023 10:56:05 AM

Red Alert

C.A.R. strongly opposes ACA 13, a proposed state constitutional amendment. This proposal aims to make it harder for California voters to bring about changes through initiatives by increasing the percentage of votes needed to pass state and local measures. C.A.R. is against ACA 13 because it would weaken Proposition 13, potentially leading to higher taxes on homeowners and restricting their ability to prevent tax increases.

C.A.R. has issued a Red Alert, urging all California REALTORS® to contact their Assemblymembers and ask them to vote against ACA 13.

Look for the email sent to you from with the subject line "RED ALERT: Protect Prop 13 and Voter Rights."  If you don't see it, please check your spam.

Currently, voter initiatives and constitutional amendments (except for certain taxes) require a simple majority to pass. ACA 13 seeks to change this by requiring any measure attempting to increase the vote percentage for passing local or state ballot measures to meet the same increased percentage requirement. This would impact citizen-led initiatives and not measures referred by the Legislature, creating an uneven playing field.

C.A.R. opposes ACA 13 because:

  1. It could raise the cost of buying and owning homes by weakening Proposition 13 protections. ACA 13 wants to undo safeguards set by Proposition 13, which set a 2/3 vote requirement for local governments to raise various homeowner taxes. Passing ACA 13 would make it tougher for homeowners to defend against unjust taxes.

  2. It would diminish the power of California's voters. Changing rules solely to avoid certain outcomes goes against the principles of fairness.

  3. ACA 13 would exacerbate difficulties for working families to afford homes. A recent report showed that California's housing affordability hit a 16-year low. Higher property taxes could intensify challenges for first-time buyers, hindering their transition from renting to owning. This is crucial for narrowing the state's wealth gap and aiding the diverse population in achieving homeownership and building savings.



Look for C.A.R.’s Red Alert email from

With a subject line that says:
“RED ALERT: Protect Prop 13 and Voter Rights”

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