Posted by PSAR Communication on Feb 24, 2022 10:00:00 AM
PSAR Communication

Paragon made a number of updates to maximize its capabilities.

Read Paragon's Knowledgebase article for a full list of updates.

Here are three of the most impactful changes:

1) Listing Input - Enhanced Listing Congratulations Modal

The modal that appears to congratulate its users for saving a new listing now includes more information about the property and integrated services. This includes displaying the primary property photo, more space for important third-party vendors, and call-to-action text.

Listing Input - Enhanced Listing Congratulations Modal


2) Mapping - Polygon Map Drawing Tool

Paragon has added a feature to the polygon drawing tool in map searches that allows its users to delete endpoints. Previously, modifying a polygon required either moving points to reshape the drawing or starting over completely. Full directions for using this feature can be found HERE.

Mapping - Polygon Map Drawing Tool


3) Changes in Paragon Collaboration Center

Its users can see several upgrades and new features in Paragon Connect, especially in the Buyer Activity pages. These enhancements give its users more high-quality information per page. Look forward to the following:

     a. Identifying a Search's name and the person who created it
     b. Easily discernible and interactive Categories
     c. Seeing the last notification your client received
     d. Ring and donut chart visualizations that show data as a whole and broken into parts

Changes in Paragon Collaboration Center

These are only a few of the many new enhancements in Paragon. Its users can also see improvements on Collaboration Center detail reports, updated colors, menu improvements in Paragon Connect, full-screen search capabilities, and more.

A full list of changes is available on the CRMLS Knowledge Base. page. Click here to see the updates.