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CRMLS UPDATES - San Diego tour is now avaialble & two-way exchange!

Posted by PSAR Communication on Nov 18, 2022 5:17:16 PM

CRMLS News and Updates

We know that tour data availability is vital in one's business as a realtor, and CRMLS delivers!

Effective immediately, CRMLS Paragon and Matrix users now have equal access to tour data provided by San Diego MLS. So that you know – the system has been automatically updated; no change is needed on your end. Furthermore, San Diego MLS can now access the CRMLS tour data creating a new two-way exchange. 

You can learn more about the tour data in Matrix and Paragon here.

This new data sharing data will bring more realtors the information you need to conduct your business successfully.

A complete list of changes is available on the CRMLS Knowledge Base page. Click here to see the updates.

ALERT- Oppose new property taxes!

Posted by PSAR Communication on Aug 4, 2022 5:23:50 PM

Slide_220802_alert (2)

STOP California's Legislature from Taxing Families
out of Homeownership

PSAR OPPOSES Senate Bill 1105 (Hueso) and Senate Bill 679 (Kamlager) each of which creates an unelected agency with the power to impose a range of new property taxes.  Those taxes would make keeping and getting into a home more expensive and difficult, potentially taxing people out of their homes and pushing homeownership out of reach for many of California's working families. Homeowners need YOUR help to STOP these bills!  Please ask your clients to TAKE ACTION NOW!


SB 1105 grants vast, unchecked, taxing and bonding authority to an unelected Housing Agency Board in San Diego which would consist of 6 appointed representatives, serving 4-year terms that can by resolution, or initiative, impose: 

  • special taxes on real property,
  • a parcel tax,
  • a gross receipts business license tax,
  • a special business tax,
  • a documentary transfer tax,
  • a special land value windfall tax, or
  • a commercial linkage fee.

The proposed Agency requires revenues generated to assist in the construction of housing broadly defined. Revenue could go to large developers of rental homes and no restrictions on the agency purchasing single-family homes which could then further limit the opportunities for home ownership. The costs of solving California’s housing problems should not be placed on working Californians struggling to stay afloat and keep their homes in a tough economic environment, especially when there is a 97 billion dollar state surplus.
Similar to SB 1105, SB 679 would establish a local Housing Agency in LA with a 19-member “governing board” to raise revenues through: 

  • a parcel tax
  • gross receipts business license tax
  • a document transfer tax, or
  • the issuance of bonds to fund affordable housing preservation (acquiring, rehabilitating, deed restricting, etc.).

Here’s how you can help:
Ask your clients, friends, and family to TAKE ACTION and continue posting on social media!

We are stronger together, and your voice will help us defeat SB 1105 and SB 679.

For questions, please contact

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New Paragon Connect Enhancements

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 29, 2022 10:00:00 AM

New Paragon upgrades arriving on August 3rd!

Paragon has a new set of updates to hotsheets, open houses, and more that go live on Wednesday, August 3rd. These improvements include:

Read Paragon's Knowledgebase article for a full list of updates.

Here were three of the most impactful changes that were updated in June:

1) Hotsheets

We have completely remodeled the hotsheet search in Paragon Connect. You’ll be able to save and edit your hotsheets, set up alerts, view extended days back, and access even more features to get the most out of your search.



2) Open Houses

The new enhancement will empower you to do more with your open houses in Paragon Connect, including creating and editing open houses and adding them to your device's calendar.

Open Houses


3) Listing Maintenance

This release will roll out the first features of the listing maintenance module we're building in Paragon Connect. You'll be able to access published and unpublished, or partial, listings that you have permission to maintain. Additional features like Auto-tax fill and Cloning will arrive in future releases.

Listing Maintenance


Older updates from June 8th.

Validate Address Location

The listing edit module in Paragon Connect now contains a feature called Validate Address Location. (This works like the Change Geocode feature in the desktop version of Paragon.)

From the Edit button on one of your listings, click on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner and select Validate Address Location. The map will appear, including a property pin and the new Accuracy Indicator.

Validate Address Location

If the Accuracy Indicator is red, the geocode accuracy is less than 100%. The Accuracy Indicator will appear green if the accuracy is at 100% or if you placed the indicator manually. This feature gives you a clear indication of the geocode quality.

From the Accuracy Indicator, click the tool tip icon to see more information about the rating.

Accuracy Indicator


Geocode Using Address Search

You can now place geocode pins in Paragon Connect through a manual address search. Enter the address in the search bar, tap on the search icon, and compare this pin’s location with your pin’s location. (This map search functions the same as Center Map and Zoom on this Address in the desktop version of Paragon.)

If the default Road view doesn’t give you enough information, switch to any one of seven views using the new Map Types feature.

Geocode Using Address Search


Geocode By Moving a Map Pin

You can move a map pin manually by selecting it and dragging it to the new location. After you move the pin, the Accuracy Indicator will change to green and read “Manually Placed.” If you’re happy with the location, click “Apply.”

You will see a prompt saying, “Changes applied. Save to retain.” Click or tap the Save button.

Geocode by moving a map pin


Warning and Error Validation

When you save any changes to a listing, the edit module now checks for any errors or warnings related to its address.

Warning and Error Validation


Overflow Menu Options

When you look at a saved search card, you will notice a new three-dot overflow menu icon in the upper right corner. Select this icon to open a menu with all your notification options, including:

  • Disable/Enable Collaboration Center
  • Email Options
  • Notification Triggers
  • Notification Time Frames
  • Resend Invitation
  • Delete Search

Overflow Menu Options

Note: Overflow options are only available on saved searches that have Collaboration Center notifications turned on.


Enable/Disable Saved Search Displays

You can now use Paragon Connect to enable or disable saved searches in your Collaboration Center site. In the example below, a user disables a saved search. Disabling the search removes its activity chart and moves it to the bottom of the list.

You can re-enable a saved search at any time by going to the overflow menu and selecting Enable Collaboration Center.

Enable/Disable Saved Search Displays


Email Options Menu

The Email Options menu allows you to edit who receives any specific email notification update from the Collaboration Center. You can also add a custom message to display each time Paragon sends a notification email.

New capabilities include:

  • Add or modify primary recipients
  • Add or modify CC recipients
  • Add or modify BCC recipients
  • Modify email subject lines
  • Add or modify a custom message

Email Options Menu

A full list of changes is available on the CRMLS Knowledge Base page. Click here to see the updates.

2022 Summer DRE Bulletin

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 26, 2022 1:16:58 PM

DRE Commissioner Douglas McCauley releaseS the Summer DRE Bulletin.

  • Comments on the housing shortage and adaptive reuse or converting a building from one use to another.
  • Senate Bill 263 (SB 263), amended the continuing education requirements for real estate licensees becomes effective January 1, 2023.
  • DRE Survey, Realtors, please comment.  The Commissioner is looking for feedback.
  • Continuing Education (CE) audits
  • Trust Fund Signatories. Can a property owner sign on a real estate broker’s trust account? Can a real estate broker sign on the property owner’s general account?
  • California’s Call to Action: Build 2.5 Million Homes in the Next Eight Years
  • California Mortgage Relief Program
  • Mortgage Loan Servicers and the Foreclosure Process
  • Advertising Guidelines and the Use of Former Surnames and Nicknames

READ The Entire Bulletin Here

dre bulletin summer 2022





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Registered vs. Coming Soon

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 14, 2022 12:35:04 PM


Registered vs Coming Soon

Click here to view the Registered FAQ and Click here to view the Coming Soon FAQ.

For an updated printable PDF of this checklist, go here.
Download the coming soon form to be signed by sellers here.

coming soon vs registered


1 Registered listing contracts do not enter the MLS per the seller’s instructions, either temporarily or for the whole term
of the listing. They are not “in” the MLS. Only the listing agent, listing broker, and office manager, and Association/CRMLS staff can view Registered listings.

2 Agents may treat a Coming Soon listing like an Active listing that no one can show for 21 days and that does not go out via listing distribution feeds (, etc.). Click here to learn more about IDX and listing distribution.

3 If agents are using the C.A.R. form RLA dated 6/2020 and option 7.D.1 is complete, agents do not need an additional
exclusion form. Agents do not need to submit exclusion forms to CRMLS. However, they do need to keep the signed and completed form(s) on file with the brokerage and provide them if the CRMLS Compliance Department requests them.

4 Agents may only show Registered listings to clients of the listing brokerage firm. CRMLS defines a “client” as an individual or entity that has signed, within the previous year, a Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship form in Compliance with CA Civil Code section 2079.16 which identifies the Listing Broker.

5 Coming Soon listings in San Diego County will go out to IDX feeds for applicable brokers. Applicable brokers are those
who participate in CRMLS and have Coming Soon listings for properties in San Diego County, regardless of their MLS
system or Association or Board membership. This does not affect any CRMLS listings outside of San Diego County.

6 Agents may only use the Coming Soon status for a maximum of 21 days from the date of entry. On day 22, the MLS system will move the listing into Active status. Please note: Agents may list New Construction Listings under the status of Coming Soon for longer than 21 days (until a notice of occupancy is issued), per Rule 7.18.4 of the CRMLS Rules and Regulations.

7. Information provided by CRMLS and current as of 7-14-2022.  Rules constantly change. Check the CRMLS knowledge base for updated rules and changes.  

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PSAR Announces Its 2023/24 Board of Directors and Officers

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jun 28, 2022 11:44:43 AM

PSAR 2023 Elections

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® finalized its 2023 leadership team on June 24th. The following leaders were elected as Officers and Directors to serve in 2023.

Laurie MacDonald

Laurie MacDonald


Secretary / Treasurer
Sam Calvano

Sam Calvano



Merrie Espina
Merrie Espina
Valerie Gardner
Valarie Gardner
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez
Amy Ruiz
Amy Ruiz
Amber Tannehill
Amber Tannehill

Affiliate Director

Martha Garcia
Martha Garcia

The incumbent set of Board of Directors and Officers will remain in their posts and continue to serve PSAR until December 31st, 2022.

Board of Directors (2023)

Jason Lopez, 2023 President

Laurie MacDonald, 2023 President-Elect

Sam Calvano, 2023 Secretary-Treasurer

Max Zaker, Immediate Past President

Anthony Andaya, 2022/2023 Director

Camille Bruno, 2022/2023 Director

Merrie Espina, 2023/2024 Director

Valerie Gardner, 2023/2024 Director

Paula Gonzalez, 2022/2023 Director

Dylan Graham, 2022/2023 Director

Rafael Perez, 2023/2024 Director

Amy Ruiz, 2023/2024 Director

Norma Scantlin, 2022/2023 Director

Amber Tannehill, 2023/2024 Director

Martha Garcia, 2023/2024 Affiliate Director


PSAR's Mission is to empower Real Estate Professionals.

Since 1928, the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® has played a significant role in shaping the history, growth, and development of the Real Estate industry in San Diego County.

We remain thankful to those who were nominated to lead PSAR. We are looking forward to great things from both the elected candidates and those who will continue to serve in our committee leadership roster.

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Nominees for PSAR's 2023 Board of Directors

Posted by PSAR Communication on May 24, 2022 4:41:41 PM

PSAR 2023 Elections

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors respectfully submit the following nominees for the 2023 Officers and Directors Annual Election.

Laurie MacDonald

Laurie MacDonald

Secretary / Treasurer

Sam Calvano

Sam Calvano


Directors (5 Two-Year Seats)

Merrie Espina
Merrie Espina
Valerie Gardner
Valarie Gardner
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez
Amy Ruiz
Amy Ruiz
Amber Tannehill
Amber Tannehill

Affiliate Director (1 Seat)

Martha Garcia                                         ZoĂ« Khetani
Martha Garcia                   ZoĂ« Khetani

If you are a qualified member interested in filing a petition to campaign as a candidate, please complete and submit the Board of Directors Petition Form to the Association no later than Friday, May 27th, 2022

Board of Directors Petition Form

Note, Petitioned Candidates will interview with the Nominating Committee between Monday, May 30th and Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

The full list of candidates will be announced Friday, June 3rd, 2022.
Online Elections will begin Friday, June 17th, and continue through Friday, June 24th, 2022

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CRMLS Connect App will retire on May 31st - Act Now

Posted by PSAR Communication on May 18, 2022 1:00:00 PM

CRMLS Connect will no longer be available. CRMLS offers access to several product solutions that duplicate its primary features, which include MLS search in a universal (agent/client) interface, client collaboration features, and client activity tracking. Only 2% of CRMLS users currently use this app.crmls connect

On 5/31, CRMLS Connect will retire completely and anything users don't back up outside of the product will be gone.  CRMLS Connect does not have an export option. Anyone who wants to save anything about their CRMLS Connect accounts must retrieve their data before 5/31. So ACT NOW to move your clients to one of the other free CRMLS core products.

The products below are available at no extra cost and replicate some or all of the features on offer in CRMLS Connect, plus additional benefits but you will need to enter your current clients. 

Cloud Streams (Best Option For Most)
Is a listing alert and client collaboration tool that lets you share listings with your clients and get instant feedback. Build your relationship with your clients as they like, dislike, and share the agent-branded listing alerts you tailor to their preferences. This product can also text listings to clients and works great with data share partner listings.

Creating your first Stream
First Cloud Stream

Client Onboarding
Onboarding Cloud Streams Clients

Creating Custom Map Area
Creating custom Stream Map Area
Setting up text Alerts
Setting Up Text Alerts

More information on Cloud Streams


Cloud MLX
Search the way you think. With autocompleted results, a wide variety of parameters, and easy search saving, you can access your CRMLS data at the drop of a hat. Share listing data through the launcher, use the built-in agent chat feature, and find other agents through the search bar. Cloud MLX works the same way on any modern device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

More Cloud MLX  Videos                  More Information on Cloud MLX


MLS - Touch
MLS-Touch allows you to quickly access all your MLS listings directly on your phone or tablet. As long as you have mobile internet service, you have the power of the MLS in your hand. Search by map or by additional advanced MLS filters. Generate hot sheets, sales comparisons, or market statistics instantly, then share with your clients, find other agents, and manage your contacts

More Information on MLS-Touch


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Point-of-sale water retrofit requirement eliminated in San Diego

Posted by PSAR Communication on Mar 4, 2022 10:30:00 AM

The City of San Diego No Longer Requires a WATER CONSERVATION CERTIFICATE At the Point of Sale

The City of San Diego no longer requires property owners to file a Water Conservation Certificate when selling their property. The City Council approved the change to the Municipal Code which went into effect on February 27, 2022.

In 1992, the City of San Diego developed several permanent water conservation provisions which were more stringent than industry standards at the time. The provisions were added to the Municipal Code and required property owners to remove non-conserving water devices and install ultra low-flow toilets and other low-flow fixtures in all new construction or permitted remodels. The City also required property owners to submit compliance disclosure information upon the sale of a property. The City determined that review and enforcement of a Water Conservation Certificate are no longer necessary nor legally required.

California approved Senate Bill 407 in 2009 and requires owners of residential single-family, multi-family properties, and commercial properties to replace all non-compliant plumbing fixtures with water-conserving plumbing fixtures. SB 407 requires the disclosure of non-compliant fixtures between the seller and buyer at the time of property transfer. This requirement can typically be disclosed on a Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS.)

Learn more about water conservation laws and disclosure obligations at CAR in the risk management section under legal Q&As and disclosures here. (Log-in required.)

For more information, visit the City’s website.

Point-of-sale Water Retrofit Requirement Eliminated in San Diego


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Say goodbye to listing exclusion forms and hello to Registered!

Posted by PSAR Communication on Nov 5, 2021 10:45:31 AM

CRMLS New Listing Toolbox

Take the hassle out of filing exclusion forms. Soon, when your sellers direct you to keep a listing out of the MLS, you will no longer need to submit exclusion or waiver forms (like the CAR SELM) to CRMLS.

Starting on 11/16, you will have a service in your Listing Toolbox that will enable you to enter and manage your excluded listings. From 11/16 onwards, these listings will fall into CRMLS's Registered status.

Join one of our upcoming webinars to see a live demo.

November 10th, 11:00am | November 16th, 10:00am


We’ll cover:
• A general overview of the "Registered" status, how it works, and when to use it
• How to access the Registered listing service from your Listing Toolbox
• How to input a new Registered listing
• What information you need to Register a listing with the MLS
• How to maintain and update your Registered listings
• How to move your listings from Registered to your MLS (Matrix only; Paragon & Flex coming soon)

We will also provide you with opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback.

Here’s where to find the Listing Toolbox tile:

From this tile, click on the Registered Listings option on the left.

Here, you can enter new Registered listings, manage information, and see all your listings in Registered status at a glance.

This is what entering a new Registered listing will look like:

Agents will be able to see and edit their own listings, while brokers and office managers will see their entire office’s listings in one streamlined, easily organized area.