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Thank you San Diego Congressional Delegation

Posted by PSAR Communication on Dec 20, 2019 5:56:45 PM

Thank you San Diego Congress Members Juan Vargas, Scott Peters, Susan Davis and Mike Levin for your vote today as the House passed H.R. 5377, a bill that temporarily eliminates the cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions for 2020 and 2021. The Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act would also increase the cap to $20,000 for married couples for 2019.

C.A.R. President President Jeanne Radsick stated "We are pleased that the House has passed a bill to temporarily eliminate the cap on the amount of state and local tax that taxpayers can deduct on their federal tax returns. The combined hit of a reduction in the mortgage interest deduction and current $10,000 SALT cap in the tax law has disproportionately hurt taxpayers and real estate in California," 

"Ensuring the tax code incentivizes housing and real estate will continue to be a top priority for REALTORS®, and C.A.R. thanks the many California Congressional members who support easing the double taxation penalty that harms California homeowners."

The bill moves on to the senate where it will face stiff opposition.






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I don't need a variance request?  What's the catch?

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 28, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Sometimes one property can be two residential styles or can be two different property types.  If properties can serve different purposes depending on the buyer, why not serve the seller and market the property in multiple ways?

At CRMLS PSAR members don't need a variance request to use multiple property types.  Multiple entries of the same property listed as more than one Residential Style or Property Type are now permitted.

There are two small details that you may not be aware of. 

1. A reference must be made to the MLS number to the duplicate listing in the Confidential Remarks.

2. Upon closing, only the Listing in the actual Property Type that was sold shall be identified as Closed. Any duplicative listing must be Cancelled, with a reference to the Sold MLS ID number being made in the Agent Remarks.

No other duplicative listings are permitted in the MLS.

duplicate residential styles

11 descriptions to avoid in MLS public remarks

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 22, 2019 10:18:02 AM

mls refereeSan Diego County REALTORS®, did you know that a misuse of Public Remarks violation occurs when certain information is placed in any public remarks field in the MLS?

Pro tip: The remarks in the Property Description field are limited to the physical and aesthetic characteristics of the property. Stick to describing the listing.  

The Property Description and other public facing fields may not include:

  1.  Access codes ​
  2.  Showing Instructions​
  3.  Compensation Information​
  4.  Lockbox information ​
  5.  Occupancy status of the property such as “vacant” ​
  6.  Email addresses ​
  7.  Website addresses ​
  8.  Phone numbers ​
  9.  Agent or brokerage information ​
  10.  Open house information
  11.  Language that violates applicable fair housing laws and guidelines

Keep your clients safe, avoid fines and list property like a professional.  MLS Rules are created by brokers and agents active in the business.  This rule 12.5 in the CRMLS Rules and Regulations.  Read about it here.  Want to know which fines can be levied without a warning?  See this list.

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Access the Sentrilock educational toolbox for the SentriKeyTM Real Estate app!

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 11, 2019 7:00:00 AM

SentriKey Real Estate App

The new SentriKeyTM Real Estate app offers you a simple design and action-based layout so you can get potential buyers in the home and get it sold. Simply download the app at Google Play or the App Store and get those showings scheduled.

You can learn more about the app and its versatile features by accessing our collection of educational tools that are sure to meet the needs of all types of users.

Educational Tools (click the links below)

These are just a few of the tools available to help you learn more about the SentriKey Real Estate app. Find how-to videos and frequently asked questions on the support page.

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Clean Listing Data- Know The MLS Fines levied with no Warnings

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jul 9, 2019 3:41:29 PM

Clean listing data is an important CRMLS benefit; with a regulated, level playing field, agents can all do better business. 

San Diego Paragon: Violations That Do Not Require a Warning
This list of violations, if committed, may lead to a fine without a warning. These violations cannot be corrected, may give a violator an unfair marketing advantage, or egregiously violate San Diego Paragon rules and/or state or federal law.

CRMLS Matrix: Violations That Do Not Require a Warning
For those of you who use Matrix, please also familiarize yourself with this list of Matrix-specific violations that may lead to a fine without a prior warning.

Citation Notices, Fines, and the Citation Review Process
This is the Citation Review Process. (Pro Tip: make sure to correct the violation as soon as possible to prevent issuance of additional citations.)

California Regional MLS Compliance Center
CRMLS has developed a comprehensive Compliance Center to guide agents to all the Compliance resources available. Here you will find FAQs, exclude a listing from the MLS, chat with a CRMLS Compliance Analyst, or learn more about CRMLS Rules and Regulations.

Bookmark the links above and visit for compliance questions.


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2020 PSAR Board of Directors Announcement.

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jun 29, 2019 5:07:35 PM

The following candidates were elected by 498 PSAR members who voted for the Board of Directors this past week.  They will serve as volunteer leaders and represent membership as part of the team that will set the policy  and the strategic direction for PSAR for the next two years. 

Ditas Yamane 2020 President-Elect

Sam Calvano 2020 Treasurer

Laurie MacDonald  2020 Director
Yvonne Cromer 2020 Director 
Peter Mendiola 2020 Director
Mike White 2020 Director
Jason Lopez 2020 Director

The President-Elect will automatically ascend to President in 2021.  The Treasurer serves for one year and each of the Directors have two year terms.

Thank you everyone who ran.  The candidate were all committed and involved members of the association.  The volunteer their time to the industry to improve it and to the community to build homeownership opportunities, defend private property rights and support those in need.  


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Vote today for future Psar leaders

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jun 21, 2019 11:58:17 AM

PSAR is governed by volunteer officers and directors.  These individuals give selflessly to the industry to make it better for all of our members.  PSAR is a membership organization that exists to empower Realtors.  Please vote for leaders who will move PSAR in the right direction.

PSAR members received an email with a direct link to vote.  Find it in your email, or....

Vote Here

If you are a PSAR member and you know your user ID and Association password (not MLS password) you can vote by following this link and logging it.  If you do not know your ID and password, you can find it here.

Voting ends at 5PM on June 28th


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Posted by PSAR Communication on Jun 19, 2019 2:04:01 PM

You do not need to take any action related to this notice.  There is no class action settlement to opt into at this time.  This communication is to notify you of a court decision that affects the distribution of MLS in San Diego County.

If you paid charges to, subscribed to, or participated in the Sandicor MLS between January 1, 2000 and September 23, 2004, then you may be a member of the Settlement Class Hemphill v. San Diego Association of Realtors, et. al., Case No. 04-cv-1495 BEN (JMA) (S.D. Cal.) (“Hemphill”).  Please refer to the previous notice issued to the Hemphill Settlement class on September 11, 2018, found here: [link].  The information and definitions in that notice are incorporated here.

This communication is to notify the Hemphill Settlement Class that the Court has approved the proposed modification of the permanent injunction in Hemphill, as requested in the parties’ joint motion.  The following provisions are now stricken from the Hemphill injunction to allow for the new distribution structure in the SDAR settlement:

  1. Sandicor shall unilaterally determine and advise each of the respective Association Defendants [SDAR, NSDCAR, ESDCAR, PSAR and COAR] of the amount Sandicor will charge that Association Defendant for providing Sandicor MLS Data to that Association Defendant.
  2. Each of the Association Defendants shall unilaterally determine the amount it will charge to each user of the Sandicor MLS who has heretofore or who hereafter subscribes to, or participates in, the Sandicor MLS, at or through that given Association Defendant.

Paragraph 6 of the Final Judgment has been amended to read as follows:

  1. Each Settling Defendant, and their respective successors-in-interest, is enjoined from acting in concert with any other person or entity, directly or indirectly, to fix, raise, establish, maintain, set or coordinate the price or amount to be charged or terms of service for MLS-related services, data, data access, support services or other goods or services. 


MLS users in San Diego County will now have a choice of either subscribing to CRMLS, through NSDCAR or PSAR, or to SDMLS.  This will promote competition in San Diego County, which has had a single MLS (Sandicor) from 1991 to the present.  All parties involved fully support the details of the SDAR settlement.

If you would like to review the Court’s order approving this modification to the Hemphill injunction, or have any other questions, please contact Dan Mogin,, 619-687-6611

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