San Diego Tax Accessor Educates on Benefits of PROP. 19

Posted by Rick Griffin on Jan 8, 2021 5:05:56 PM

More than 100 PSAR members learned more about property tax benefits available to clients of REALTORS® from Proposition 19 during a Zoom meeting earlier this week with Taxpayer Advocate Jordan Marks of the San Diego County Accessor-Recorder-County Clerk (ARCC) Office.

Recorded Video of the Presentation


Attachments from the presentation:

Prop. 19, approved by California voters in the recent November general election, offers significant benefits to homeowners and sellers. The ballot measure was endorsed by the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and other business and community organizations because it will spur housing economic recovery.

Simply put, Prop. 19 expands the affordable housing tools by allowing senior homeowners over 55 years old, people with severe disabilities and victims of natural disasters or wildfires to keep their low tax base and move or rebuild anywhere statewide.

In addition, Prop. 19 addressed a tax loophole allowing families to pass their homes and affordable tax bases to their children, but no longer allowing them to be used for a commercial purpose.

However, Marks told PSAR members that it’s important to remember that some rules relating to Prop. 19 will change on Feb. 15 and April 1.

Before Feb. 15, in the case of transferring home ownership from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild, the law allows for unlimited transfer of assessed value on a primary resident with no requirement to live in the property and up to $1 million of assessed value on all non-primary residential properties.

After Feb. 15, the law changes with a limit of $1 million transfer of assessed value on a primary resident, plus a requirement to live in the property and no transfer of assessed value on any property not a primary resident.

Before April 1, for relocating homeowners over 55 years old, the current rules limit the senior exclusion from property tax reassessment to one time plus a requirement to live in the property.

After April 1, the senior exclusion from property tax assessment can be claimed for three times for any property in the state (but unlimited times for those whose homes were destroyed or substantially damaged by a wildfire or natural disaster). Filing for the exclusion must occur within two years from the date of the sale or purchase.Jordan Marks speaking on PROP 19

Marks, a longtime PSAR member, welcomes “Our office is here to be of service to PSAR members,” said Marks. “We’re here to serve your needs as a partner. We don’t close until you do, and you have our commitment to help you in your business.” calls and emails from PSAR members.

He can be reached at For emergency assistance you can reach Jordan on his cell phone is (619) 372-0226.The website for the ARCC office is


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