Sentrilock Key Card & Associated services Termination

Posted by Kevin McElroy on Feb 22, 2024 7:00:00 AM

Old Sentri Lockboxes will be out of date

Updated July 10th 2022

PSAR's CRMLS subscribers can exchange registered old Gen 1 and Gen 2 lockboxes for new ones at a discounted rate of $126 while supplies last!

This is part of a move to ensure continuity due to Sentrilock's updates for security and technology enhancements.

Sentrilock terminated all Sentrikey card usage, including the Associations Admin keys, as of March 31, 2024. This means:

  • Non-Bluetooth lockboxes should not be bought or sold. Ownership cannot be transferred, and these boxes, if inactive for over a year that need a clock update will no longer continue functioning.

  • As of June 24th, the Access by Appointment (ABA) setting is now available for Sentrilock users. Read more here.

PSAR urges members not to dispose of old boxes in the trash but to drop them off at PSAR for recycling.

For additional information, contact PSAR service centers at or (619) 421-7811.




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