Take Action! Selling a Home May Be More Difficult - April 6th

Posted by PSAR Communication on Apr 5, 2021 6:45:35 PM
PSAR Communication

Stop New Rent Control & Countywide Eviction Ban

A last-minute urgency item has been added to the County Board of Supervisors agenda for a vote this Tuesday, April 6. The ordinance, if approved will limit rent increases to only the CPI percentage (currently 1.8%) until July 1 throughout the County. It would also prevent any termination of tenancies and evictions unless a tenant is "an imminent health or safety threat." This means tenants can create nuisances and commit crimes at your property with no consequences. This also means that property owners will not be able to move into their own homes or sell their properties. 

"Homeowners will not be able to move into their own homes or sell their properties."

Industry groups were not consulted about this proposal. Rental housing providers are already hurting financially and struggling with problematic tenants. This attack on the ability of property owners to keep their properties safe and maintained is unacceptable. And there is no end date on the eviction ban...it would be tied to the Tier system. 



PSAR is joining the Southern California Rental Housing Association in opposition to this ordinance.