Summary of Key Findings from the PSAR Forum on California’s Homeowners Insurance Crisis:

Posted by PSAR Communication on Jun 18, 2024 9:59:27 AM

A recent forum at the PSAR East County Events Center addressed California’s homeowner's insurance crisis. Experts shared insights and discussed ongoing efforts to improve the situation. Key takeaways include:

  • Legislative Efforts: Legislators and state officials are actively working to solve insurance problems.
  • Appeal Process: Consumers can appeal insurance cancellations through the California Department of Insurance.
  • Regulatory Changes: The California Department of Insurance is considering regulations for forward-looking risk modeling to facilitate policy writing.
  • Rate Hikes: State regulators may approve double-digit rate hikes as part of the Sustainable Insurance Strategy.
  • HOA Challenges: Homeowners associations face significant increases in master policy prices.
  • Early Shopping: Members’ clients should start shopping early for homeowners insurance due to rising costs.
  • Cal Fire Resources: Cal Fire offers maps, home inspection resources, and suggestions for creating defensible space.
  • Economic Realities: Factors like home age, and age of electrical, plumbing, and roofing systems contribute to higher rates. Inflation and increased home values also drive premium surges.
  • Catastrophe Modeling: Allowing insurers to use future risk assessments with historical data might reduce reliance on the FAIR Plan, the insurer of last resort.
  • FAIR Plan Safety Net: The FAIR Plan is crucial for many Californians amid climate-related threats.
  • Legislative Insights: Insights into legislative efforts to control insurance costs were provided by Chris Jonsmyr from Assemblymember David Alvarez’s office.

The panelists included: Cal Fire Battalion Chief Alex Elward, Sharon Smith - California Department of Insurance, 
Maureen Moran - PSAR Member & Insurance Agent, Bob Hillard - PSAR Member & Insurance Agent, and Chris Jonsmyr - Office of Assemblymember David Alvarez

Thank you to Kay LeMenager - PSAR Broker, Organizer of the Forum, and Chair of PSAR’s Government Affairs Committee who worked with the East San Diego County Government Affairs Sub-Committee to host this informative event.  

Please see this link for an FAQ from the California Commissioner of Insurance.

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Posted by Rick Griffin on Jun 3, 2024 10:00:00 AM


Congratulations to PSAR REALTOR® Tracy Giordano, a recipient of a PSAR Good Neighbor award.

Volunteering and serving her community isn’t an obligation for Tracy. Rather, it’s her passion. “It gives me a sense of fulfillment and purpose, knowing that I’m making a positive impact on the lives of other people,” she said.

Tracy was born and raised in La Mesa. She is a fourth-generation San Diegan. Family members relocated from Nova Scotia and Boston to San Diego in 1909, the same year Tracy’s great-grandmother was born in San Diego.

Tracy has deep roots in the community and a strong commitment to its well-being, as seen in her involvement as a volunteer with several organizations.

Tracy graduated from Helix Charter High School in 1998 (her husband Gabriel, a business consultant, graduated from Helix in 1994). Since 2021, Tracy has served as a board member on the Helix Charter High School Foundation. For the past two years, she has chaired the Foundation’s largest fundraiser, a golf tournament that recently raised $13,000 for scholarships.

From 2010 to 2022, when her three children were attending St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa, Tracy supported the K-through-8th-grade school’s fundraising activities and served as a school board member for eight consecutive years, including as president her final year. For six years, from 2015 to 2021, she chaired the school’s Walkathon fundraiser. She also chaired the school’s 2014 Gala which raised more than $75,000.

In 2022, Tracy became a member of the La Mesa Village Association, a non-profit organization of local business owners. In 2023, she furthered her commitment as a board member and currently serves as membership officer and community liaison.

She works closely with village business owners and community members to foster collaboration and enhance the local area while supporting small businesses. She also organizes several community networking mixers in the Village, as well as weekly spotlight interviews to showcase local business owners (you can find all her interviews on Instagram, @lamesavillageassoc.

The La Mesa Village Association organizes several annual community events, including the La Mesa Car Show, the weekly Farmer’s Market, and Holiday in the Village. In addition, the La Mesa Village Association also sponsors several local events and foundations, including Octoberfest, La Mesa Parks and Recreation Foundation, and the Mt. Helix Park Foundation

Earlier this year, Tracy joined the Mt. Helix Park Foundation board of directors. The Foundation is responsible for preserving and enhancing the park that includes an outdoor amphitheater with a 1,600-person capacity and cross memorial on top of Mt. Helix. The Foundation was formed in 1999 to maintain the preserve of Mt. Helix Park, a registered California Point of Historical interest.

“As a child, I remember climbing the amphitheater’s stone rows and admiring the cross,” said Tracy. “The preservation of this historic landmark is something that is very important to me. So, it was a no-brainer for me to join the board and give my direct support to the Mt. Helix Park Foundation.” 

In 2018, Tracy earned her California real estate sales license. As a REALTOR®, she represents clients with both residential and commercial property transactions.

“I love real estate because it’s a relationship-type business,” she said. “I’ve been successful with referrals from previous satisfied clients.”

Tracy’s involvement with PSAR has included supporting YPN events and attending weekly pitch sessions. “I also appreciate the educational events, which help all of us gain more knowledge and extend our expertise as REALTORS®. Our association feels like family to me.”

The PSAR Good Neighbor awards are intended to recognize individuals, not associations or companies.

Nominees must be REALTOR® or Affiliate members and an active licensed practitioner in good standing with PSAR.

Judging of nominees will be based on the level of personal contribution, especially volunteer (unpaid) hours, though contributions of money and other resources also will be considered.

Some portion of the nominee’s work must have taken place within the 12 months before the nomination rolling deadline of the last business day of each month.

If an individual within your company can be singled out as instrumental to the success of a group effort, then he or she is eligible. If the achievements of two people (such as a married couple or co-founders of an organization) cannot be separated, then they can enter as a pair and their entry will be considered as one.

Nominations for a quarterly PSAR Good Neighbor award can be submitted by emailing Sally Valdez, PSAR VP of Operations, at

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New Optional Fields Make Agent Communication easier and Direct

Posted by Communications on May 30, 2024 3:21:21 PM

As of May 29, all CRMLS Paragon and Matrix now feature optional "Concessions in Price" (CiP) fields. These fields help communicate the seller's willingness to offer concessions, providing sellers an edge and giving buyers a clearer idea of a property's total cost. Learn how to navigate the CiP fields in this guide and find them in your MLS system here:

Last year, nearly 40% of CRMLS closed listings included some form of concession, such as broker fee payments or repair costs. Previously, this information was only available after a listing closed. Now, active listings will display concession details, motivating sales and making it easier to find the perfect property.

For sellers, the new fields allow highlighting a willingness to offer concessions. For buyers, identifying listings with potential incentives helps overcome financial obstacles. The CiP fields benefit everyone.

New Concessions in Price (CiP) Fields:

  • Concessions in Price: A text box for numerical input only, representing the total potential concessions.
  • Concessions in Price Type: Classify the amount as either a dollar amount ($) or a percentage (%).
  • Seller Consider Concessions?: A simple Y or N field. If "Y," additional information appears when hovering over the help (?) icon, indicating that the seller may consider a buyer concession in an offer.

By CRMLS launching these optional fields before the deadline, subscribers will gain valuable real-world implementation experience. This early access allows for necessary adjustments based on practical feedback, ensuring a smoother transition when the fields become mandatory.

For questions, please refer to the FAQ.

Remember, the CiP fields are optional, and concessions are not mandatory.



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Posted by Rick Griffin on May 30, 2024 11:00:00 AM


Congratulations to PSAR REALTOR® Marlow Martinez, a recipient of a PSAR Good Neighbor award.

Since 2013, Marlow, a Chula Vista resident, has been making friends and changing lives via the Marlow B. Martinez Sr. (MBM) Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Named after his late father who passed away in 2013, Marlow and his MBM foundation have been easing burdens and assisting families during their most tumultuous times for more than a decade.

Marlow’s volunteer efforts have included providing families with Christmas gifts, supplying Thanksgiving dinners, and organizing holiday toy drives, backpack and school supply drives. Other activities include surprising children in low-income families with birthday parties, and delivering meals to military families and the elderly during the Covid-related lockdowns.

Marlow’s inspiration for helping others is based on his father’s example of community service. At age 14, Marlow’s father took on a fatherly role for his single mom and eight siblings. During his 40-year government career, Marlow’s father created a nonprofit to ensure minorities had ample and fair opportunities at management-level government jobs.

Two of Marlow’s father’s favorite sayings were “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition,” and “A community is much better if we look out after one another versus taking from one another.”

Here is Marlow’s story about the founding of the MBM Foundation.

“I was living in Murrieta in 2011 when my dad had a severe stroke,” said Marlow. “He was 62 years old and in great shape. He went from working full-time to being 100% dependent, requiring 24-hour care with a feeding tube and tracheotomy in his neck. Rather than send him to a care facility, we took him home. My brother and I became full-time nurses overnight.

It was a two-year battle. He was in a wheelchair and learning to walk again. The doctors said his progress was nothing short of a miracle. I was determined to give him the best opportunity to live.

Then, he had another stroke and we lost him. His funeral drew 300 people from all over the country. I had no idea how many people my dad had helped. He helped people get better jobs and encouraged them to get an education. He was a dedicated father and community friend with a heart of gold. Even today, strangers ask me if I’m Marlow’s son.

When he passed away, I wanted to keep his work and spirit alive. So, I created the MBM Foundation in his honor. We’ve been lucky to have blessed so many families.”

Marlow says his real estate career has paid for his living expenses for nearly 20 years. He has worked as a loan officer and real estate agent. He earned his broker's license in 2011. He also has worked as a property-and-casualty insurance broker and substitute elementary school teacher. He has been a member of PSAR since 2008.

“Over the past 14 years, I have bought and sold out-of-state flips and still continue to own an out-of-state portfolio of homes,” he said. “I’m working on my first apartment building purchase."

“Real estate has taught me to look for opportunities and know a good market when I see one. Real estate will always be part of my life because it allows me to remain involved in the community and with disadvantaged youth. My heart is filled with passion to try and make these kids’ lives better and prepare them for a better future.”

For more information about the MBM Foundation, visit

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Here is the Board Slate of Nominees for 2025/2026

Posted by PSAR Communication on May 24, 2024 2:00:00 PM

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors respectfully submit the following slate for the 2025/2026 Officers and Directors Annual Election. Elections will begin electronically on June 21st and run through the 28th.

Claudia Zaker

Secretary / Treasurer
Michael Dullea

Directors (Vote for 5 Two-Year Seats)
Mike Anderson
Robert Cromer
David Fletes
Valerie Gardner (Second Term)
Jose Payne King
Oscar Vega

Affiliate Director
Phana Par

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NEW - Optional Concessions In Price MLS Field.

Posted by Communications on May 15, 2024 3:26:14 PM

Concession_240515_Blog (1)

Starting May 29, users will have access to the optional Concessions in Price (CiP) fields when creating a listing. 

The facts:

  • In 2023, nearly 40% of closed residential listings included some form of concessions, including the seller paying for escrow and title fees, loan discount points, and repair and/or upgrade costs.
  • 15% of those closed residential listings in 2023 had some sort of advertisement for Concessions being offered in the Private Remarks section of the listing.

With such a large amount of our user base actively offering concessions, we saw an opportunity to create a specific set of dedicated fields for the benefit of our users and their clients. These new CiP fields will allow agents to convey their willingness to offer concessions at the listing level, thus allowing for clearer communication and cooperation between agents and brokers. 

The new fields benefit all parties:

  • Listing agents and sellers
    Will gain a dedicated space to advertise/market their willingness to consider concessions at the listing input level
  • Buyer's agents
    Will be able to better serve their clients with up-front information on which listings will consider concessions to assist in transaction fees 
  • Homebuyers
    Enhanced transparency on which listings are willing to consider concessions to assist with their financial needs  

What's changing?
Currently, concessions are recorded only at the close of a transaction with a mandatory requirement to state the amount of any concession. The new, more descriptive CiP fields will be available for input at the listing level.

To be clear, the new CiP fields will be optional and only reflect a client's willingness to consider concessions. Details regarding the concessions that may be offered must be discussed outside of the MLS and after a written agreement is signed.

The new fields will be titled: 

  • Concessions in Price: a text box for numerical input only. This amount should include any and all potential concessions in a single total amount.
  • Concessions in Price Type: classify the number above as either $ or %
  • Seller Consider Concessions?: either Yes or No. If Yes, then the listing will include the phrase “A Seller may consider a buyer concession if made in an offer.”  

As of May 29, the new fields in your Matrix system will appear here:

Additional CiP Resources
The Facts About Concessions Infographic
Concessions in Price Infographic




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Posted by Rick Griffin on May 14, 2024 10:00:00 AM


The Spring 2024 homebuying season kicked off with an encouraging start for home sales and record-high home prices, according to the latest home sales and price report from the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.).

The typical California single-family, detached house for sale now costs more than $900,000, a first-time-in-history, record-breaker for the median price. The April 2024 statewide median home price was $904,210, up 5.8% from the March price of $854,490, and up 11.4% from the $811,510 posted in April 2023.

The year-over-year gain was the 10th straight month of annual price increases in the Golden State.

Seasonal factors and tight housing supply conditions will continue to put upward pressure on home prices across the state in the coming months.

Historically speaking, it was roughly two years ago, in March 2022, when the median crossed $800,000 for the first time. Other statewide $100,000 home-price thresholds include $700,000 in August 2020, $600,000 in May 2018, $500,000 in April 2004, $400,000 in August 2003 and $300,000 in March 2002.

In San Diego County, home prices are still moving higher and approaching $1.1 million. The median sales price of an existing, single-family detached home in April 2024 was $1,047,500, a 2.7% difference from March 2024, when the median price was $1,020,000. In February 2024, the median price was $980,000. A year ago, in April 2023, the median price for a San Diego home was $930,000, a difference of 12.6% from April 2024.


April 2024 County Sales and Price Activity
(Regional and condo sales data not seasonally adjusted)

April 2024 County Sales and Price Activity (Regional and condo sales data not seasonally adjusted)


Meanwhile, as prices continue to rise, home sales also are rebounding.

On a statewide basis, the sales pace increased 3% for April 2024, when 275,540 existing, single-family detached homes were sold on a seasonally adjusted annualized rate. The statewide annualized sales figure represents what would be the total number of homes sold during 2024 if sales maintained the April pace throughout the year. It is adjusted to account for seasonal factors that typically influence home sales.

The 3% increase is a comparison with the previous month of March 2024, when 267,470 homes were sold. In a year-over-year comparison between April 2024 and April 2023, the sales pace difference was 4.4%. The year-to-date home sales grew 1.6%.

The number of California homebuyers in April 2024 was below 300,000 for the 19th consecutive month. Since 1990, homebuying in the state has averaged 402,000 sales per month.

In San Diego County, sales of existing, single-family homes increased 7.5% in April 2024, compared to March 2024, and 8.8%, compared to April 2023.

“April’s rebound in both home sales and price shows the resilience of California’s housing market and is a signal that buyers and sellers are beginning to adjust to the higher interest rate environment,” said C.A.R. President Melanie Barker, a Yosemite REALTOR®. “Market fundamentals are showing signs of improvement, and competition is on the rise again; homes are selling faster and nearly half the share of homes is selling above asking price, the highest in nine months.”

“While the market performed solidly in April, we don’t expect to see a rapid recovery as long as inflation remains sticky and mortgage rates continue to fluctuate despite recent dips,” said C.A.R. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Jordan Levine. “However, housing inventory has also started to increase, which will provide much-needed supply to the market and facilitate a higher level of home sales in the second half of the year.”

Sales of homes priced at or above $1 million in California continued to hold up better than their more affordable counterparts in the state during the last few months. Sales in the $1 million-and-higher market segment in April 2024 surged 39.8% year-over-year, while the sub-$500,000 segment declined moderately (-8.0%) during the same timeframe.

The change in the mix of sales of homes priced above $1 million accounted for more than one-third (36.4%) of all sales, which was the largest share in the last five years.  

The growth in sales of higher-priced homes continues to provide upward support to the statewide median price and was partly responsible for the solid increase in the year-over-year growth rate at the start of the second quarter.


Other key points from C.A.R.’s April 2024 resale housing report include:

  • April 2024 home sales in all major regions of the state advanced both in month-over-month and year-over-year, including 8.7% in Southern California.

  • At the regional level, all major regions registered an increase in their median price from a year ago, including a double-digit price gain of 12.1%. The San Francisco Bay Area recorded the biggest price jump on a year-over-year basis, increasing 15.5 percent from April 2023.

  • The unsold inventory statewide index, which measures the number of months needed to sell the supply of homes on the market at the current sales rate, remained flat at 2.6 months in April 2024, the same number for March 2024. In April 2023, the index was 2.5 months.

April 2024 County Unsold Inventory and Days on Market
(Regional and condo sales data not seasonally adjusted)

April 2024 County Unsold Inventory and Days on Market (Regional and condo sales data not seasonally adjusted)


  • The unsold inventory index of available existing homes for sales in April 2024 in San Diego County was 2.2 months, a figure that was identical to March 2024. The index was 2.3 months in February 2024 and 2.6 months in January 2024. In April 2023, the index was 1.9 months. Inventory levels indicate the number of months it would take for the available supply of homes on the market to sell out given the current rate of sales.

  • New active listings at the state level in April 2024 increased from a year ago for the fourth consecutive month by double digits as more sellers listed their homes up for sale in time for the spring home buying season. Despite the moderate uptick in housing demand last month, the jump in new housing supply contributed to an improvement in the overall active listings.

  • The median number of days it took to sell a California single-family home was 16 days in April 2024, 19 days in March 2024, and 20 days in April 2023.

  • In San Diego, the median number of days it took to sell an existing, single-family home was 12 days in April 2024, a figure that was identical to March 2024 and April 2023. For the previous 2024 months, the figure was 13 days in February and 21 days in January. The median represents the time when half the homes sell above it and half below it.

  • C.A.R.’s statewide sales-price-to-list-price ratio was 100% in April 2024, a percentage that was identical to March 2024 and February 2024.

  • The 30-year, fixed-mortgage interest rate averaged 6.99 percent in April, up from 6.34 percent in April 2023, according to C.A.R.’s calculations based on Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage survey data.

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Good Neighbor Award Rafael Perez: Recognizing his Community Service and Housing Advocacy

Posted by Rick Griffin on May 8, 2024 12:23:58 PM

Rafael Perez

Congratulations to PSAR REALTOR® Rafael Perez, a recipient of a PSAR Good Neighbor award for the 2024 first quarter.

The PSAR Good Neighbor Awards highlight volunteer activities by individual PSAR members in the community

A PSAR REALTOR® of the Year award winner and longtime PSAR Board Member, Rafael has worked in real estate since graduating from San Diego State University in 2004. He has extensive experience as a realtor, mortgage banker, lender, and educator.

Throughout his career, he has served as a community volunteer in many different roles. He also has led previous PSAR advocate efforts on smart growth, fair housing, and housing supply solutions, including serving as chair of PSAR’s Government Affairs Committee-Central Area.

He was recently involved in PSAR’s flood relief grant efforts. PSAR and SDAR jointly received a $1.16 million grant from the Realtors Relief Foundation (RRF) to assist flood survivors. San Diego flood victims who suffered damage to their homes during the January 2024 storms are reminded to reach out to PSAR before the May 31 application deadline.

Currently, Rafael is serving as board chair of the Casita Coalition, a non-profit organization that advocates for more housing solutions, including ADUs and Missing-Middle housing. Casita Coalition educates industry and governmental officials on best practices and promotes increased homeownership opportunities.

Several years ago, Rafael was instrumental as PSAR’s lead in a two-year effort to help the City of San Diego draft a handbook for homeowners around new rules and regulations for ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units), also called “companion units” or “granny flats.” PSAR supports the rights of property owners to expand the use of their property as a way to address the region’s housing supply and affordability crisis.

Rafael’s participation in the City of San Diego’s ADU Coalition culminated with the city’s 2019 publication of the “Companion Unit Handbook,” a 38-page booklet that today serves as a helpful guide to homeowners seeking to construct a companion unit on their property.

“From the beginning, we brought a REALTORS® perspective to the table,” Rafael said. “At first, some of the people at the city had not considered how companion units could change how homebuyers view their future purchase or how existing homeowners could increase their equity. So, we were able to help shape the regulations to benefit the city and homeowners and buyers.”

Rafael has held the position of 2023 board chair of the Sherman Heights Community Center. The center’s diverse programming, ranging from support for senior citizens to youth activities and food security initiatives, has served as a hub for significant impact on the historic neighborhoods of Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Grant Hill, and surrounding areas.

Notably, the Sherman Heights Community Center has gained recognition for its vibrant Día De Los Muertos events. Rafael is currently chairing the facility committee, which is overseeing fundraising for the construction of a solar energy project for the community center.

Additionally, Rafael dedicated four years to serving on the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Fair Housing Policy Committee, a group that promotes fair housing and opposes segregation through redlining and other roadblocks, including exclusionary zoning. He was one of four realtors in the U.S. who were recognized in 2022 with an inaugural Fair Housing Champion award

2022 NAR Fair Housing Champion Award - Rafael Perez2022 NAR Fair Housing Champion Rafael Perez, shares his expertise during a panel discussion called “Building a Legacy: How Latino Families Can Secure Their Financial Future




He served as a Commissioner for the City of San Diego's Citizens’ Equal Opportunity Commission for nine years until 2022.

Following this, he was appointed to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Board in January 2023, where he is a Board Member for the Authority and serves as a representative (alternate) on the SANDAG Transportation Committee.

blog photo_Rafael PerezFurther showcasing his commitment to community well-being, he served as a board member of the United Lowrider Coalition. Rafael worked with the coalition and Assemblymember David Alvarez (D-80th District) on the passage of Assembly Bill 436, which removed the authorization for a local authority to adopt rules and regulations regarding cruising bans.

Rafael also has volunteered at Sherman Elementary, actively participating in the school site council, site governance team, and PTA. He played a role in the school's transition to a Community School when it was selected in San Diego Unified School District's second cohort of Community Schools in 2023.

Rafael also is serving as Secretary for the San Diego County Democratic Party.

“Our members are active and helping in the community, and they should be recognized for their efforts,” said Laurie, who is highlighting volunteer activities by PSAR members during her 2024 term as president. “I believe that realtors are one of the most likely professions to volunteer in their local communities.”

MacDonald, a La Mesa resident, is leading by example. She is currently in her third year serving as president of the La Mesa Park & Recreation Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds to improve parklands and programs at parks in the city of La Mesa.

Nominees must be active licensed REALTOR® or Affiliate members in good standing with PSAR.

Nominees are judged on the level of personal commitment, especially volunteer (unpaid) hours. Monetary and other resource contributions are also considered.

Some portion of the nominee’s work must have taken place within 12 months prior to the nomination's rolling deadline of the last business day of each month.

If an individual within your company can be singled out as instrumental to the success of a group effort, then he or she is eligible. If the achievements of two people (such as a married couple or co-founders of an organization) cannot be separated, then they can enter as a pair and their entry will be considered as one.

Nominations for a quarterly PSAR Good Neighbor award should be submitted by emailing Sally Valdez, PSAR VP of Operations, at

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Accredited Buyer's Representative. (ABR®) Designation

Posted by Kevin McElroy on May 2, 2024 4:00:54 PM

Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR®) Designation

The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is for real estate professionals passionate about working with buyer clients and want to acquire enhanced business skills that lead to service level excellence.

Who Should Consider the ABR® Designation?
This prestigious designation is tailored to real estate buyers' agents committed to enhancing their expertise in assisting buyer-clients throughout the home-buying process. REALTORS® who achieve the ABR Designation will stand out in a competitive market.

Attend PSAR's FREE ABR® Class on May 30th and May 31st, 2024

What Benefits Does the ABR® Designation Offer?

1. Advanced Education

Embarking on the ABR® designation journey enriches your understanding and skills, making you a more competent agent in the eyes of potential home buyers. This program offers a robust educational experience focusing on the needs and trends relevant to home buyers, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle various buyer scenarios effectively.

2. Exclusive Resources and Tools

As an ABR® designee, you gain exclusive access to members-only publications, marketing tools, and comprehensive resources crucial for remaining in the forefront of a fast-evolving real estate marketplace. These are tools that will enable you to market your services more effectively and efficiently.

3. Networking and Referrals

Joining the ABR® community opens up networking opportunities with other real estate professionals. Relationships lead to referrals and collaborative prospects, expanding your business reach and potential client base.


How to Earn the ABR® Designation

  • Take this two-day Core Designation Course (free to PSAR Members*)
  • Complete one of the ABR® elective classes
  • Document five completed transactions in which you acted solely as a buyer representative. (These transactions do not need to fall within a specific period of time.)
  • Membership in good standing in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).
  • Membership in good standing in REBAC

Application Process and Future Cost

  • Submit the application and documentation of five completed buyer-agent transactions.
  • The first year of REBAC membership is free
  • The second year is $110, but prorated based on the month you joined REBAC
  • $110 per year thereafter

The ABR® Designation is earned only by completing a series of achievement benchmarks, each of which demonstrates your superior skill set and advanced knowledge. 


PSAR's mission is to empower real estate professionals.

Since 1928, the Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® has played a significant role in shaping the history, growth & development of the Real Estate industry in San Diego County.

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Interested in Representing PSAR's Members in Leadership?

Posted by Kevin McElroy on Apr 5, 2024 2:14:07 PM

2025 PSAR and CAR Nomination

    Sign up, and be a part of PSAR’s Leadership by becoming an Officer or Director.

The Pacific Southwest Association of REALTORS® (PSAR) is seeking dedicated real estate professionals who have been active on a committee to step up and run for a position on the 2025/26 Board of Directors. Play a vital role in shaping the future of the association and the real estate industry in the region.

Why Get Involved? Contributing your time and leadership to PSAR is an incredible way to give back to the REALTOR® community that helps sustain your business. Have the opportunity to:

  • Influence important decisions that impact real estate professionals.
  • Stay ahead of the curve on legislative issues, new laws, and industry trends.
  • Expand your network by working alongside other high-caliber leaders.
  • Gain valuable experience in association governance and leadership.
  • Raise your profile and reputation among peers.

The deadline for Submission is Friday, April 26, 2024 (5 PM) for the following positions on the 2025 Board of Directors:

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Directors (5 positions)

Make your voice heard and help uphold the professional standards and ethical values that incentivize REALTORS® to remain in the business. Submit your nomination today!

Click on the link to access the nomination forms: 

2025/2026 Board and Officer Nomination Form

2025 CAR Director Application

2025 Affiliate Director Nomination


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