Thank you San Diego Congressional Delegation

Posted by PSAR Communication on Dec 20, 2019 5:56:45 PM

Thank you San Diego Congress Members Juan Vargas, Scott Peters, Susan Davis and Mike Levin for your vote today as the House passed H.R. 5377, a bill that temporarily eliminates the cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions for 2020 and 2021. The Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act would also increase the cap to $20,000 for married couples for 2019.

C.A.R. President President Jeanne Radsick stated "We are pleased that the House has passed a bill to temporarily eliminate the cap on the amount of state and local tax that taxpayers can deduct on their federal tax returns. The combined hit of a reduction in the mortgage interest deduction and current $10,000 SALT cap in the tax law has disproportionately hurt taxpayers and real estate in California," 

"Ensuring the tax code incentivizes housing and real estate will continue to be a top priority for REALTORS®, and C.A.R. thanks the many California Congressional members who support easing the double taxation penalty that harms California homeowners."

The bill moves on to the senate where it will face stiff opposition.






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Posted by Rick Griffin on Dec 20, 2019 3:15:00 AM


During this holiday season, it’s encouraging to hear an inspirational story about the kindness and goodness of a PSAR REALTOR®. Especially when the PSAR member considered his selfless act of sacrifice to be “no big deal.” Following is one such story.  REALTOR®s

Our story begins with a 911 call from a condo on Fourth Avenue in Chula Vista. It was 9 a.m. this past week. Police and an ambulance had responded. A 63-year-old woman (name withheld upon request) had passed away from natural causes following several years of failing health. The woman’s longtime companion, a 70-year-old man named Steve, was distraught and in deep grief.

Also responding to the 911 call was Scott Vinson Sr., a long-time broker in the South Bay and volunteer with the Chula Vista Citizens Adversity Support Team (CAST).

CAST volunteers are dedicated to assisting emotionally traumatized people during emergency situations. They are trained to assist the victims of trauma who may need emotional support, counseling, advocacy and referrals to community resources. They are respectful, calm, support without judgment and are great listeners to people who may be experiencing the absolute worst day of their lives.

According to Scott, “The police had major concerns about the elderly gentleman’s state of mind and his ability to cope with the death of his girlfriend. The man did mention any next of kin to either himself or the deceased. All were concerned about his personal safety. The first to respond were discussing the possibility of a psychiatric evaluation."

“Grief is something that can result in a range of emotions. Some people will stuff it, push it down, pretend it’s not there, act like it doesn’t exist. It’s even tougher to cope without the support of nearby family members.”

After nearly two hours, the elderly man finally looked at Scott and said he only had one friend who could be contacted. It was a fellow broker and PSAR member. His name was Andrew Schmidt.

“I was impressed that of all the people in the world, this man’s closest friend was a REALTOR®,” said Scott. “Sometimes, REALTORS® get a bad rap or a bad reputation. But, we can make a huge impact on people’s lives when we do our jobs right. This event made me even prouder to be a REALTOR®.”

Andrew arrived on the scene and hugged the grieving Steve. “Andrew then agreed to take over, remain with the guy and help stabilize him,” said Scott.

“It was really no big deal what I did,” said Andrew, who has been a PSAR member since 2007. The native of Oregon City, Oregon, has lived in San Diego since 2004.

According to Andrew, “I first met Steve back in 2007. He was sitting outside my office on National City Boulevard in National City. He had just moved here from Florida and didn’t know anybody in town and he didn’t have a home. Over the years, I’ve helped him with four different deals, including a home purchase and three condos.

“More importantly, we’ve become close friends. I call him every couple of days. We talk about life. He doesn’t have any family members anywhere. I’m the closest person he knows.

But, to me, that's a description of a REALTOR®. The best REALTORS® become friends with their clients. I know that PSAR members can relate to what I’m saying. We all have a handful of clients whom we really care about. And, we are willing to go the extra mile to help people.

I feel so blessed to be in real estate. And, I want to make sure that I’m paying it back. If somebody needs help, I’m there. But, REALTORS® do that on a regular basis. We will set-aside everything and go help someone in need. I don’t want to be a stingy zero sort-of guy.

Happiness comes from serving and giving in life. A happy heart comes from generosity and shifting the focus away from yourself. A person who thinks only about him or herself is pretty miserable. So, if you truly want to be happy in life change your focus, be unselfish, pay attention to others and care about the needs of those around you. You have to be focused on the needs of others or you will miss opportunities.”

Andrew is helping Steve with the arrangements of a memorial service for the deceased woman. Also, Andrew is planning to hire a house-cleaner for Steve’s home.

“Helping others is what being a REALTOR® is all about,” said Andrew. “REALTORS® can have a lot of influence by helping others. We can speak up for those in need of help . We can be a raincoat during the storms of life. No matter which of our friends or family members are going through a storm, we can all help each other because no one has it all together. People who are committed to one another will protect each other in tough times.

“We’re not on earth just to live for ourselves. We’re here to make the world a better place. We’re here to spread love and peace and care for one another, help one another and support one another. Nothing is insignificant when we’re serving each other.”

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Posted by Rick Griffin on Dec 15, 2019 8:45:00 AM

blog_191214_411 (1)

San Diego County’s housing market saw an optimistic increase in home sale prices and number of sales in October 2019, according to a recent report from California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.).

The median sales price of an existing single-family home in San Diego County in October, 2019 was $652,000, compared to $636,750 in September, 2019 and $635,500 in October, 2018. That’s an increase of 2.4 percent in October, 2019, when compared to September, 2019, and a 2.6 percent increase when compared to October, 2018.

Meanwhile, San Diego home sales in October, 2019 saw an increase of 1.7 percent, over those of September, 2019, with an 11.2 percent increase in sales over October, 2018.

Statewide, it’s a different story for the housing market. Shrinking inventory subdued California home sales and held home sales and prices steady in October, 2019.

The median price in October, 2019, slipped 0.1 percent to $605,280, compared to $605,680 in September, 2019. In a comparison to October, 2018, the median price in October, 2019 was up 6.0 percent from last year’s $571,070 figure. The annual price gain was the largest since July, 2018.

Year-to-date statewide home sales were down 2.6 percent in October, 2019. Statewide, existing, single-family home sales totaled 404,240 in October, 2019, on a seasonally adjusted annualized rate, up 0.1 percent from September, 2019’s figure of 404,030, and up 1.9 percent from home sales in October, 2018 whose revised total was 396,720.

After 15 straight months of year-over-year increases, active listings statewide fell for the fourth straight month as of October 2019, dropping 18.0 percent from a year ago. The decline was the largest since May 2013.

“The California housing market continued to see gradual improvement in recent months, as the current mortgage environment remains favorable to those who want to buy a home,” said 2020 C.A.R. President Jeanne Radsick, a second-generation REALTOR® from Bakersfield, Calif. “With interest rates remaining historically low for the foreseeable future, motivated buyers finding that homes are slightly more affordable, may seize the opportunity and resume their home search. Additionally, the condominium loan policies that went into effect mid-October could help buyers for whom single-family homes are out of reach.”, she stated.

“The latest surge in home prices is the consequence of an ongoing mismatch between supply and demand,” said C.A.R. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young. “While low interest rates will reduce borrowing costs for buyers and temporarily alleviate affordability concerns at the micro level, without an increase in housing supply, including new housing construction for sale or rent, fundamental issues remain at the macro level, which will worsen the affordability crisis down the road.”, she explained.

Even with near record low mortgage rates, consumers still see challenges in the current housing market conditions. According to a monthly Google poll conducted by C.A.R. in November, less than one-fourth of respondents (24 percent) believe that it is a good time to buy now. This figure is lower than last year (27 percent), when interest rates were more than 100 basis points higher. Less than half (47 percent) believe it is a good time to sell, down from 51 percent a year ago.

Other key points from the October 2019 resale housing report included:

-- At the regional level, non-seasonally adjusted sales rose on an annual basis in all major regions. Central Valley increased the most at 7.1 percent, followed by Southern California (7.0 percent), Central Coast (3.9 percent) and the Bay Area (1.4 percent). 

-- Also, regionally speaking, median home prices rose from a year ago in all major regions except the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Southern California region, median home prices increased  in every county, led by San Bernardino County, which recorded a 10.4 percent jump from a year ago.

-- The Unsold Inventory Index (UII), which is a ratio of inventory over sales, was 3.0 months in October 2019, down from 3.6 in both September 2019 and October 2018. It was the lowest level since June 2018. The index measures the number of months it would take to sell the supply of homes on the market at the current sales rate. 

-- Statewide, the median number of days it took to sell a California single-family home fell from a year ago, declining from 26 days in October 2018 to 24 days in October 2019. That compares to 24 days in September 2019, 23 days in August 2019 and 21 days in July 2019.

-- In San Diego County, the median number of days a home remained unsold on the market stood at 18 days in October 2019. That compares to 18 days in September 2019, 17 days in August 2019, 15 days in July 2019, 13 days in June 2019, 14 days in May 2019, 17 days in April 2019, 19 days in March 2019, 22 days in February 2019 and 24 days in October 2018.

-- The statewide sales-price-to-list-price ratio was 98.5 percent in October 2019, unchanged from September 2019 and up from 98.1 percent in October 2018. The ratio was 98.7 percent in August 2019 and 99.0 percent in July 2019. Sales-to-list-price ratio is an indicator that reflects the negotiation power of home buyers and home sellers under current market conditions. The ratio is calculated by dividing the final sales price of a property by its last list price and is expressed as a percentage. A sales-to-list ratio with 100 percent or above suggests that the property sold for more than the list price, and a ratio below 100 percent indicates that the price sold below the asking (list) price.

-- The 30-year, fixed-mortgage interest rate averaged 3.69 percent in October 2019, down from 4.83 percent in October 2018, according to Freddie Mac. The decrease of 114 basis points for the 30-year fixed-mortgage rate was the largest decline in any 12-month period since November 2009. The five-year, adjustable mortgage interest rate was an average of 3.38 percent, compared to 4.08 percent in October 2018.

In other recent real estate and economic news, according to news reports:

-- San Diego County experienced the largest decline in active listing inventory in the nation, falling 28.1 percent year-over-year in November, 2019, according to The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale region also experienced a significant drop in November of this year with its active listing count declining 24.1 percent year-over-year.

-- also recently reported that it expects that the U.S. housing market will continue to slow in 2020 as inventory reaches historic lows and economic uncertainty prompts consumers to pull back on their spending. In San Diego, single-family home sales are expected to drop 3.2 percent in 2020, while prices remain nearly unchanged. also said prices will drop in more than 25 of the 100 largest U.S. metros, including San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami. Kansas City homes will experience the biggest drop at 4.0 percent.

 -- The UCLA Anderson School forecast for 2020 says that California’s economic growth will slow next year, but it is likely to outshine that of the nation overall as Golden State employers boost payrolls. National economic growth is slowing, but not as quickly as previously anticipated, leading to a slightly more positive outlook for California.

-- CBRE Group, in its 2020 Real Estate Market Outlook Report, says the U.S. economy will continue its lengthy expansion in 2020, supporting multiple asset classes. CBRE said while growth will be tempered due to next year’s election, weakness in manufacturing and an uncertain trade picture, the fundamentals of the commercial real estate market remain solid.

-- Fifty-five percent of homebuyers make some type of financial sacrifice in order to purchase their house, according to the Zillow Group’s 2019 Consumer Housing Trends report. San Diego is one of six metropolitan areas where the mortgage on a median-valued home costs more than 30 percent of the median household income.

-- The typical American homeowner has spent 13 years in their home, up from eight years in 2010, and the median tenure was 14.2 years in San Diego County, according to a Redfin report. The report found the median home tenure for a family in San Diego County was 10.7 years in 2010. Families staying put for longer has resulted in a 46.2 percent drop in homes for sale in the county from 2010 to 2019.

-- The unemployment rate in San Diego County was 2.8 percent in October, up from a revised 2.7 percent in September and below the year-ago estimate of 3.2 percent, the state Employment Development Department reported. This compares to the unadjusted unemployment rate of 3.7 percent for California and 3.3 percent for the nation during the same period.

-- The November national jobs report was exceptional. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said 266,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate dipped again. It rests at a solid 3.5 percent, a 50-year low. The jobs creation total beat expectations. Analysts had forecast roughly 180,000 new jobs for the month.

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Posted by Rick Griffin on Dec 6, 2019 6:00:00 PM

PSAR Charity Presents Checks to those in need


Congratulations to the PSAR Charity Committee.

At a recent PSAR Rally & Ride pitch session, in addition to hearing information about available properties, attendees recognized the outstanding efforts in 2019 by members of the PSAR Charity Committee.

Four local nonprofits were presented with checks from proceeds resulting from two events organized this past year by the Charity Committee.

Three of the nonprofits benefited from proceeds generated by the 2019 PSAR REALTOR® Games, held Friday, June 21. The nonprofits included South Bay Community Services, Unity 4 Orphans and Meals on Wheels San Diego County. Each received $3,500, for a grand total of $10,500, which exceeded the amount raised last year.

The fourth nonprofit, San Yisdro Health Center, was presented with a check for $3,000. These proceeds were generated by, the 2019 PSAR Zombie 5k Run-Walk, held Saturday, Oct. 12.

“PSAR is very proud to support these nonprofits and the extraordinary service they provide to our local communities,” said Laurie MacDonald, 2020 Charity Committee chair. “REALTORS® care greatly about supporting our local communities. We are active volunteers who play an important role in improving neighborhoods to the benefit of homeowners who want to share in the American dream and have a better place to live, work and raise their families.”

PSAR’s third annual PSAR REALTOR® Games, held at Scobee Park, located at 2390 Boswell Road in Chula Vista’s EastLake community, drew more than 200 participants.

The REALTOR® Games featured teams competing in mental and physical challenges. The competitions included agility activities, such as a sack race, free-throw contest, balloon catch and cornhole, plus mental challenges, including a spelling bee, board puzzle and “REALTOR® Feud,” a game resembling TV’s “Family Feud.” Another competition cwas “Jenga,” a game of skill featuring players taking turns removing one wooden block at a time from a tower constructed of several dozen blocks.

Members of PSAR’s Charity Committee who organized this year’s REALTOR® Games were Robert Cromer, Laurie MacDonald, Angie West and Rhonda Beathard.

The 2019 PSAR Zombie 5k Run-Walk, held at Rohr Park, located at 4548 Sweetwater Road, Bonita, drew an enthusiastic crowd. Participants dressed in their best zombie attire, including Halloween costumes. A contest was held for best-dressed pet and child. Additional activities included face painting, a jumpy inflatable, trick-or-treat booths and a raffle with prizes. Food was also provided. The event was a lot of fun and organizers received rave reviews from participants.

This year’s organizers of the PSAR Zombie 5k were Robert Cromer, Laurie McDowell, Rhonda Beathard and Juliet Montoya. The 2019 Zombie 5K was held in partnership with John and Susan Carroll as a fundraiser to benefit cancer screenings at the San Ysidro Health Center.

The PSAR Charity Committee is a wonderful group of caring PSAR members who are willing to share PSAR resources and talent with the community through outreach and service. The committee goal is to provide the support necessary to make a positive charitable impact in the communities served by PSAR members. The volunteers serving on the PSAR Charity Committee evaluate and review requests from nonprofits in the communities and they select charitable causes that will benefit from committee support.


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Posted by Rick Griffin on Nov 29, 2019 3:30:00 PM

2020 Housing Market Forecast

Steven Thomas, publisher of “Reports on Housing,” a real estate industry trends publication, will present a 2020 Housing Market Forecast from 10 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, Dec. 3, at the PSAR East County Service Center, located at 1150 Broadway, El Cajon.  PSAR members and real estate professionals from all other associations in San Diego County are invited to attend. Admission is a $5 donation to the California Association of Realtors’ Housing Affordability Fund.


Since 2004, Thomas has been publishing “Reports on Housing,” a monthly report for real estate professionals. The report tracks regional demand, inventory, distressed homes and market data. It also shares what buyers, sellers and real estate professionals are experiencing in the trenches.

Thomas is a California real estate broker with decades of experience. He has a degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences from the University of California San Diego. He has been quoted in news stories published by the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS and NBC television, Cox Cable Television, KNX 1070,-AM News Radio, KFI AM-640 Radio, blogs and Internet news sites. 

On Dec. 3 in El Cajon, Thomas will discuss values, interest rates and answer questions such as, "Have values peaked?", "Why does the market feel so different?", "Is housing a bubble about to pop?" and "When will buyers have the upper hand again?"

Among his concerns about 2020 are, the U.S. trade war escalation with China and other countries, the international economic slowdown contributed by monetary policies, Brexit, unrealistic sellers, uncertainty over the economy and interest rates, D.C. politics and the 2020 elections.

Thomas explained that if the U.K. is no longer a member of the EU, implications could include an elimination of Britain’s tariff-free trade status with the other EU members.  That means tariffs would probably raise the cost of exports. However, some of that pain would be offset by a weaker pound. Higher tariffs might also increase prices of imports by the U.K.

Also, Thomas said that an escalated trade war between the U.S. and China could hurt both countries. The most important aspect of the long-term economic competition with China isn’t soybeans or natural gas, rather it’s technology. For decades, China has been engaged in a systematic, state-sponsored effort to steal U.S. technology. Beijing has relied heavily on stolen trade secrets and intellectual property to build its own manufacturing and technology base.

The U.S. began slapping tariffs on imports of Chinese goods a year ago, accusing Beijing of using predatory means to give Chinese companies an edge in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and electric vehicles. Those tactics include hacking into U.S. companies’ computers to steal trade secrets, forcing foreign companies to hand over sensitive technology in exchange for access to the Chinese market and unfairly subsidizing Chinese tech firms.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Thomas is predicting an increase in the number of unrealistic, overpriced homes for sale in 2020. “If an area is currently experiencing a strong seller’s market and listings are not selling, then it could mean that agents allowed the sellers to overprice their property without scheduling regular price reductions,” he said. “On the other hand, the good news about an appreciating market is that if you wait long enough, the prices may eventually catch up with the listing.”

Thomas is expecting sales of distressed properties to remain flat next year. “It’s not easy to price property in a declining market,” he said. “Sometimes, comparable sales data is not entirely reliable because, by the time the property is appraised, prices may have declined even further.”

Throughout Southern California, Thomas said that about a quarter of all listings expired in the first nine months of 2019, compared to about 19 percent in 2018 and 18 percent in 2017.

Thomas said he is expecting a slight rise in inventory and sales prices to appreciate between 2 and 5 percent in 2020, with most of the increases realized during the first half of the year.

Steven Thomas

He said available inventory of higher-priced, move-up homes will improve slightly, aided by a growing number of move-up sellers. Sales of higher-priced luxury homes will remain muted in 2020, with a slight thaw expected in the spring followed by sluggish activity beginning mid-summer and extending through the end of the year.

Thomas’ other predictions for the 2020 housing marketinclude:
-- Many buyers will continue to be cautious fence-sitters.
-- Monthly interest rates on typical 30-year loans will average 3.75 percent (Thomas said a low mortgage rate environment is a gift to the real estate industry).

Thomas sells a “Reports on Housing” monthly subscription for $15 per month or $150 per year. The regional reports feature a local real estate snapshot. One month free is available upon sign-up. Thomas can be followed on YouTube at, and Facebook at @reportsOnHousing. For more information, visit

2020 Market ForECast


Tuesday | December 3rd, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1150 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021

2020 Marketing Forecast Flyer


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All PSAR members can be proud in knowing that PSAR is providing important leadership in its efforts to build friendships, education, professionalism, networking and mutual business cooperation between real estate professionals internationally, in Mexico and the United States. The members of PSAR’s Global Real Estate Council (GREC) have been very supportive in the building of cross-border alliances.

So, it is with great honor to inform you that PSAR was recently invited to attend and speak at the national conference presented by AMPI (Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios). AMPI, the Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals, is Mexico’s counterpart to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

AMPI was formed in 1956 to establish laws and codes of ethics and conduct in order  to create a reliable, trustworthy and efficient real estate environment in Mexico.  Mexico’s largest real estate association, AMPI has bi-national agreements of cooperation with NAR and the California Association of REALTORS®, as well as with PSAR.

To be invited to be a presenter at the AMPI national conference in October was a real honor. With over 1,200 associations in NAR, PSAR received the honor to join representatives from other international associations from such countries as El Salvador, Brazil, Canada, Panama and many others. The AMPI conference was held in San Luis Potosi, south of Mexico City.

Also attending the AMPI conference were representatives from Consejo Estatal de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de Baja California, (CEPIBC), a statewide real estate trade group located in the Mexican state of Baja California.

(You may recall that in 2018, PSAR signed a Bi-Regional Cooperation Agreement with CEPIBC. The agreement was signed by Jan Farley, PSAR president, and Gustavo Chacon Aubanel, Presidente de Consejo Estatal de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de Baja California. The agreement called for the scheduling of classes covering the financial, legal and cultural differences in real estate transactions between Mexico and the United States.  It also fostered, respect and adherence to each association’s Code of Ethics for business interaction. Founded in 1984, CEPIBC comprises the 10 local real estate trade associations that operate in five Baja California cities, including Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, Tecate and Mexicali. CEPIBC promotes standards of professionalism, licensing and increased business relationships with U.S. real estate professionals, primarily in California and Arizona.)

The PSAR delegation attending the AMPI conference was included Hector Zamaro, PSAR GREC chair, Nick Iniguez, GREC member and Catalina Spuehler, GREC member.AMPI Convention

At the AMPI conference, Gabriela Isabel Cerezo Morales, CEPIBC 2019 President and AMPI National Treasurer, introduced us to Pablo Vasquez, AMPI 2019 National President, and Roberto Barrios, AMPI 2020 National President-Elect, as well as other dignitaries and international speakers. Both Gabriela Cerezo Morales and Miguel Urriza from CEPIBC attended the recent PSAR Installation Dinner held at Viejas Casino & Resort.

Our presentations at the AMPI conference were titled: “Forming International Alliances,” with Hector Zamaro as speaker and “New MLS in Mexico,” with Nick Iniguez as speaker.

Also at the AMPI conference, there was an historic announcement introducing the first formal MLS System operating in Mexico. Now, properties can be listed in Mexico and viewed internationally. Thanks to Art Carter, CEO CRMLS, and Ross E. Buck, President of Terminus MLS (Mexico’s MLS). Terminus recently signed their first contract with the Baja California CEPIBC state chapter.

PSAR’s trade mission to the AMPI conference concluded with excellent coverage and networking with bilateral partners and inviting them to participate in a mutual referral business with our PSAR membership. We anticipate further growth and participation with our colleagues in Mexico and other countries.

An invitation has been extended to all our membership and leadership to attend the “AMPI International Summit 2020” in March 2020. It will be an excellent gesture of cooperation, as wll as a potentially profitable one, to send a delegation of PSAR representatives to participate in this Summit.  Many countries will  have representatives attending, with whom alliances could be formed.

We appreciate all the hard work by Gabriela Isabel Cerezo Morales and her CEPIBC Board for all their support during 2019. They have been instrumental in furthering bilateral relationships to the benefit of PSAR members.

I want to encourage any PSAR member who may be interested in cross-border opportunities and who wants to network with other international real estate practitioners to get involved with GREC. PSAR’s GREC is dedicated to assist the needs of PSAR members who desire to expand their international outreach. GREC will help you find mentors who can facilitate  connections with individuals internationally. GREC offers PSAR members the opportunity to learn and expand their real estate market opportunities internationally. The vision of the Council is to provide and facilitate educational avenues that enable PSAR members to expand their practice and organize global-themed events.

Formed in 2013, PSAR’s GREC has hosted several educational events in recent years focused on helping PSAR international capital investment clients make informed transaction decisions with effective counsel across multiple jurisdictions. The training sessions have focused on cultural customs and diversity, as well as panel discussions and forums with international partners.

The Council also encourages PSAR members to earn the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) certification, a professional designation offered by the National Association of REALTORS® which results in expanded knowledge, a worldwide network and tools helpful in serving international clients.

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Tech Lunch and Learn - The Perfect Gifts

Posted by Kevin McElroy on Nov 22, 2019 1:57:50 PM

Need gift ideas for your fellow
REALTORS®, Broker, Vendors, Coworkers?


Whether it be Hardware, Software, Gadgets or Subscriptions, learn about great gifts that
will bring happiness to recipients all year long.

Wednesday, December 18th
11:30am - 1:00pm

1150 Broadway #100, El Cajon CA 92021

Register PSAR

Register Eventbrite

Or Call: 619-421-7811

Workshops are open to all REALTORS and Affiliated Members regardless of association membership.
All classes are free of charge.


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You can do more than you think you can!

Posted by Laurie MacDonald on Nov 15, 2019 5:15:00 PM


By Laurie MacDonald

I am so appreciative of this year’s “Salute to Service” theme. I have many reasons why I’m an active volunteer with PSAR, and why you should be one too.

By volunteering at PSAR, I have learned new skills, developed new friendships and expanded my network. When you volunteer with PSAR, you are contributing to our real estate industry.

Volunteering means you will have a seat at the table. Our industry is going through many changes. The role our Association plays in our industry becomes even more critical.

Volunteering also means that my voice will be heard in helping to help to grow the Association. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to advocate for issues and concerns that I believe are right and are consistent with PSAR’s mission to empower REALTORS®. I always want to bring value to my clients and being in front and on top of the issues affecting our industry allows me to do that.  

I enjoy volunteering with PSAR because I’m a helper at heart. I enjoy serving and I think we were created to serve others, not just ourselves. We all have crazy schedules as real estate professionals and it can be hard to find the time to volunteer. But I enjoy supporting others.  And bringing out all their potential really brings out the best in me, too. 

We all want to make the world a better place. To me, the secret to living is giving. Life is all about creating meaning, and meaning never comes from what you get, it comes from what you give. Mark Twain said: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Volunteering also provides me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Volunteering gives more happiness and good health.

I am a very social being. In life, the greatest highs and lows involve the highs and lows of relationships. Life is all about relationships. Life is not about achievements. It’s not about accomplishments. Rather, life is about relationships and a series of memories and experiences you have along the way. 

I hope you decide today to become more involved with PSAR. Don’t wait another day to join me and show a greater level of support for our Association and our industry. All of us at PSAR are here to cheer for you. You can do more than you think you can. It starts with you giving back by joining a committee, volunteering at an event and looking for opportunities to serve. Thanks in advance for your greater involvement and participation.

*  *  *

Laurie MacDonald

Laurie MacDonald, a fourth-generation San Diegan, has worked in real estate since September 2015.  She grew up in La Mesa and graduated from Helix High School. Laurie traveled to 28 countries before turning 30 years of age. Her great-grandmother, born in 1906, bought a home by herself in Normal Heights in 1939, a rarity at that time for a female without the assistance of a man. Her grandparents operated a real estate office, called Kelly and Associates, for many years on Parkway Drive in La Mesa. Laurie is an original member of La Mesa Conversations, a civic-minded committee founded in 2015. She also has served on the board of the La Mesa Village Merchants Association. She is currently a member of the La Mesa Park & Recreation Foundation. She previously served on PSAR’s Government Affairs Committee and traveled to Sacramento for “Legislative Day.” She served as chair of PSAR’s YPN group in 2017 and 2018. Laurie was named East County Realtor of the Year at the PSAR Officers and Directors Installation Dinner held in 2018. She served as chair of PSAR’s Charity Committee in 2019. She was recently elected to serve on the PSAR board of directors in 2020.


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Free PSAR Member Benefit - Claim yours

Posted by Kevin McElroy on Nov 15, 2019 11:06:08 AM

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At the 2020 Installation Dinner awards were given, and pictures were taken

Posted by Rick Griffin on Nov 9, 2019 5:00:00 AM

PSAR 2020 Directors

More than 400 PSAR REALTORS®, affiliates, friends and family members converged on the Viejas Casino & Resort in Alpine to enjoy a memorable PSAR Officers Installation Dinner on Nov. 2.

The Installation event celebrated the success of the REALTOR® community with leaders who are committed to serving the industry. The program featured the swearing in of the 2020 PSAR Board of Directors and Robert Cromer as 2020 PSAR President by U.S. Representative Juan Vargas.

Also recognized at the installation were recipients of special awards. These awards targeted three geographical areas in San Diego PSAR, including South, East and Central San Diego County. Recipients included:

-- Merrie Espina, Realtor of the Year, South
-- Julie Lupo, Realtor of the Year, East

-- Shonee Henry, Realtor of the Year, Central

-- Hector Zamaro, Broker of the Year, South
-- Jan Farley, Broker of the Year, East
-- Jason Lopez, Broker of the Year, Central

-- Rhonda Beathard, Affiliate of the Year, South
-- Raymundo Gill, Affiliate of the Year, East
-- Megan Oliva, Affiliate of the Year, Central

             ~ Downloadable Pictures  ~                      

In his message to the members, Cromer stated, “I am really excited about the upcoming year and having the opportunity to build on the success of our Board of Directors, the committees, the staff, and our current and past presidents. This truly could be a break-out year for PSAR. Although we have had almost double-digit growth in membership each of the last two years, there are going to be a lot of changes in the marketplace. We hope San Diego County REALTORS® will find comfort in our culture, our education and our support for REALTORS® and homeownership. We empower REALTORS® to be the best they can be!”

Joining Robert on the PSAR board of directors for the 2020 calendar year beginning Jan. 1, 2020, will be Ditas Yamane as president-elect, Sam Calvano as secretary-treasurer and Robert Calloway as immediate past president. Other REALTOR® members also serving on the 2020 board will include: Mike Anderson, Yvonne Cromer, Carey Guthrie, Sean Hillier, Robert Kilbourne, Jason Lopez, Laurie MacDonald, Peter Mendiola, Norma Scantlin and Mike White. Also serving on the board will be Tony Santiago as an affiliate director.

PSAR is grateful to Shonee Henry, Dennis Ryan and Jan Farley, three PSAR board members whose terms will end December 31, 2019. Farley served as 2018 PSAR President.

In his farewell comments, Robert Calloway said, “Thank you for a wonderful year as PSAR’s 2019 President. PSAR was able to accomplish so many things this year. This was the year of service and our members definitely stepped up and served our Association by committing themselves to our mission of empowering our members. I encourage those members who are not serving on a committee to please take some time and visit a committee where you fit. Finally, I would like to thank the 2019 Officers and Directors for your selfless dedication and service to our Association, and a special thanks to the committee chairs for leading your committees and assisting with following the Association’s strategic plan. I want to welcome the 2020 Leadership Team and Directors and wish you well on your journey. Fair Winds and Following Seas!”

In his message to the members, PSAR CEO Richard D’Ascoli stated: “Even as these critics question the viability of REALTORS® and their associations, PSAR continues to flex its muscles and grow even stronger. We are committed to helping REALTORS® succeed. REALTORS® are thriving because our association is the glue that holds the industry together. Together, with our MLS and our State and National Associations, we provide a platform to support our members’ efforts to build homeownership opportunities.”

PSAR 2020 President Robert Cromer and Famil

Special speakers at the Installation Dinner included Robert and Yvonne Cromer’s two daughters, Hannah and Haley, who spoke to the audience in Spanish. Haley graduated from the University of California Davis with a degree in Spanish. She is now working on her Masters at Grand Canyon University. Hannah is a freshman at Creighton University. Both are bilingual.

Also speaking was Jeny Parra, a Cromer family friend. Jeny’s parents and Yvonne’s parents were friends back before both girls were born. Jeny’s late husband Victor was a close friend of Robert. In 2018, Victor passed away from heat stroke during a hike in the Blue Sky Ranch area of Lakeside. He was 47. Victor worked for the San Diego Unified School District as a facilities and equipment supervisor. He was also the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus fraternal council at Chula Vista’s St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. A $1,000 scholarship in Victor’s name was announced at the Installation Dinner.

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