Connect with Anyone in video calls and phone conversations

Posted by Kevin McElroy on Aug 18, 2020 11:45:53 AM

Mike specializes in teaching how to...Become a Strategic Influential Communicator! Blog_200821_YPN-1

Friday | August 21st | 4:00 pm

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Connect with Anyone in 90 Seconds or Less video calls and phone conversations
Mike Aguilera

Discover how to influence with your body motions, eye movement, voice and questions you can ask during phone or video calls.


Mike Aguilera is a communication expert specializing in subconscious communication techniques and rapport-building skills for business, leadership, persuasion and influence.

He is a speaker, author of Connect with Anyone in 90 Seconds or Less and The Art of Networking. Mike is also an executive coach and is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs across the country. 

He has been invited to conduct more than 1,000 international presentations and workshops at major conventions, associations, and companies such as Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, IBM, Netscape/AOL, HP, PG&E, McDonald's Restaurants, Hilton Hotels, Lockheed, and Intel. 


How to Have Effective, Persuasive - Videos  - Zoom - Facebook any Videos and Phone Calls


...get more YESES. Influence more people to take action.



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