Keep your business clear of litigation - stay out of court!

Posted by Kevin McElroy on May 6, 2020 10:00:46 AM

"Avoid litigation through property condition disclosures" 

Robert Brand keeps you out of court

Brand is the foremost trainer of real estate agents in the most litigious state in the country. In the context of California’s ‘sue-crazy’ climate, he addresses the issues of agent best practices and simplifies the ‘red flag’ disclosure process, making it easier than ever to keep your transactions out of court.

Friday | May 15th | 10:00 am
Zoom Discussion

Discussion Topics

• The absolute best disclosure strategies
• Updates on new litigation trends, plus a review of common TDS/AVID errors
• Applying risk management principles to every transaction, even those with investor clients

Presented by Robert Brand, Litigation Consultant

Robert Brand is a high content speaker with a unique ability to translate successful court practices and apply them to the real-world experiences of real estate professionals. He now works as a litigation consultant, a contributing author to REALTOR® magazine and a speaker on effective disclosure strategies. Thousands of agents have enjoyed his informative and entertaining presentation style.

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